If you don’t know me already, I’m Devan. Nice to meet you. I am a twenty-year-old writer dreamer language-sponge musician photographer actor silly-pants hufflepuff dramaturg afs-er whovian translator connector nerdfighter coxswain songwriter collager appreciator ewok listener doodler optimist bibliophile.

(No commas because I am all of those things at once sometimes.)

This here blog is a record! As of September 2011, I will be studying in Munich, which is probably the most exciting thing to happen in my college life so far. People have asked for updates, I like writing about my thoughts about my experiences, and so here I am on the internet, scribbling away!

I like language. So far I’ve made friends with Hungarian and am gradually winning German over. Sometimes one language is just not enough to express everything. Fact of  life.

Anyway, enjoy! If you too are in München at any point, shoot me an email because I’d love to talk: devank(AT)hotmail.hu! If you aren’t, no matter: introduce yourself in comments! Even if I already know you! (Or not. Anonymity is… cool too?)


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